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Baking Activities

These activities are designed to engage and entertain children ages 6-11.


The finished product will vary based on skill level and age.

Rice Krispie Cut Outs

Children will be provided with rice krispies, marshmallows and butter. The party hostess will melt and mix the ingredients. Children will then cut fun shapes and decorate their treats with melted chocolate, icing, and candy.

Stained Glass Cookies

Children will roll and cut sugar cookie dough with cookie cutters. They will add hard candies to the center. The hostess will bake the cookies and when cool, they can be enjoyed during the party or packaged to take home.

Cupcake Decorating

Each child will be provided with 2 cupcakes, icing, and candy sprinkles. Children will decorate their cupcake. One will be enjoyed during the party and the other will be packaged to take home.

Drop Cookies

A sugar cookie base is provided along with sprinkles, candies and sugars. Children will roll dough in the sprinkles, and the hostess will bake them. Cookies may be enjoyed at the party or packaged to take home.

Marshmallow Pops

Children will be provided with marshmallows, pop sticks, melted chocolate, candies and sprinkles. Children will dip the pops and decorate with sprinkles.

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